Trimmings Inc.
8311 Coral Dr Dallas, Texas 75243
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Trimmings Inc.

Operating out of Dallax, TX - Trimmings Inc is a professional home fragrance manufacturer specializing in delivering a high-quality fragrance via room sprays and oils. From brandied fruit and kitchen spice, to citrus sorbet and sea mist - we have an excellent variety of scents for every palette. An inviting aroma welcomes guests into your residence, and can help create an atmosphere appropriate for any season or occasion!

We offer a line of unique and aromatic scents for every taste and budget. Using a scent to make a room inviting, create an atmosphere for a holiday party, or just as a way of brightening a space is a perfect way to make your home feel a little more welcoming. Use our online store to place your order. Contact us if you have any questions.